Welcome to my website (officially)!

Hey, I'm Eddie. I love green.

My username, EddieHasASword, comes from the time when I was just a young wee 'lad' playing Skyrim for the first time. I had picked up my first sword and Oliver/Bear exclaimed something along the lines of "Oh shit, Eddie Has A Sword!" and then it became my username for everything.

It's one of my 'weirdest' memories, since I was very young at the time and trying to find out my identity and place in the world. I was trying out a game I had an interest in for the first time, and yeah my username may have been "given" to me, but it just fit me so well and I chose to make it that way :)

Anyways, this site here will be my way of self-expression to the world.

I intend to just have silly and stupid things, as well as personal journals and artwork. A simple place that defines me and allows me to exist as myself.

This website is still under construction (sorry! :P) so excuse empty pages and placeholder links that lead to the empty pages.

I'm feeling...
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